Toyota Connected Services

Connected Services by Toyota offers an advanced suite of smart technologies

As the need to be connected to the world around us has increased at an exponential rate over the past ten years, particular expectations have developed. Automotive consumers from Vaughan, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Etobicoke, and surrounding areas of Ontario have become accustomed to being dialled in and connected to the many channels of technology. From smartphones to smart homes, many consumers have embraced this new era of connectedness. So it only makes sense that they receive a certain level of connectivity from their vehicles.

Automotive manufacturers have invested billions of dollars in either becoming or partnering with technology companies to provide consumers with features that are sure to keep them engaged and satisfied. Toyota has developed a unique and innovative suite of smart technologies designed to simplify your everyday life. It combines navigation, entertainment, security and various ways to stay in touch with your Toyota and its dash-mounted infotainment system. It is designed to help reduce distractions and make driving effortless. At Woodbridge Toyota, we are excited to offer a new vehicle lineup that features Toyota Connected Services, a new way to become one with your vehicle.

Toyota App

Toyota App

App use has become an everyday part of our lives. We use them for various reasons like entertainment, shopping, and pleasure. So why not be connected to your vehicle in the same way. With the Toyota App, you are connected to everything you need in one simple platform. 

After downloading the App and enrolling in the service, you will be able to use remote and service connect if equipped, manage your customer profile, set a preferred dealer, and manage alerts and reports. Stay connected to your Toyota like never before.

Remote Connect

Remote Connect

Once connected with the Toyota App, you will be able to control a series of vehicle features from a distance, technically from halfway across the world if you wanted to. Below is a list of functions you can perform:

  • Engine Start / Stop (Automatic Transmission Only)
  • Door Lock / Unlock
  • Status of Windows / Moonroof
  • Last Parked Location
  • Guest Driver Settings
  • Home-to-Vehicle Management
  • Smartwatch Compatibility
  • Unique RAV4 Prime Features

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

If you have an iPhone 5 or newer device, you are able to plug your smartphone into the vehicle's USB port and utilize the many features of Apple CarPlay. Once the system is activated, you will see a new home screen on your infotainment system. 

You will then be able to use the system via the wheel controls or Siri. Make phone calls, compose text messages, play your favourite song, and find the best route to your destination.

Android Auto

Android Auto

Android Auto was designed and engineered with safety in mind. Connect a USB cable to the vehicle, download the App on your phone, and enjoy all the great features through Google Assistant voice command. 

Find a new journey with Google Maps, play music through Google Music, and utilize various other Apps like text messaging, WhatsApp, Google Podcast and more.


The navigation portion of Toyota Connect gives you around the clock access to a live agent. This representative will help you locate the destinations you need and provide the best routes to arrive there. The agent can work with you to pinpoint a large number of places like businesses, restaurants, shopping malls, medical facilities, and more. Once they have the information you need, they will send the details to your navigation system so that you can remain focused on your surroundings.

Safety Connect

There are times you may experience difficulties while operating your vehicle. You can rely on the safety connect feature to respond to any trouble you encounter in those cases. You may need help with a flat from a roadside assistance team or emergency assistance for a much more difficult situation. With the SOS button press, a live agent can determine your whereabouts and have help on the way. If your Toyota is ever stolen, you will have a stolen vehicle locator to aid in its recovery.

Service Connect

Although Toyota vehicles are well known for their dependability, you will still have service tasks to carry out. The Toyota connect system will help you keep your vehicle in top condition by generating health reports for it. You can also get reminders when it is time for your next maintenance appointment. This assistance will keep you informed about your vehicle's state and empowered to keep it in prime condition.


Through Toyota Connected Services, you can also get a free three-month all-access trial to SiriusXM. You can listen to your favourite songs from inside the car, through your phone, or online in your home. You can also get an ad-free access to channels dedicated to sports, talk, comedy, and news to enjoy at any time. Once the trial is over, you can continue the fun with a reasonably-priced subscription.

Be Safe on The Road With Connected Services by Toyota

We are the preferred Toyota dealership for customers searching for reliable vehicles in Woodbridge, Ontario. We also serve the surrounding cities of Vaughn, Brampton, Toronto, and Etobicoke. Because of Toyota's excellent reputation, you know that many benefits come with becoming a Toyota owner. For instance, you have the chance to make use of Toyota Connected Services. These services combined are a state-of-the-art program designed to work through the smart technology in your vehicle. That way, you will have access to any help you need while on the road.

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