Why is my Car Engine Light On?

Why is my Car Engine Light On?

In the world of dashboard symbols, the check engine light is one of the more pesky little lights that can pop up at any time and it could mean a variety of things.

Once this little light flicks on, you don't necessarily need to pull off the road in that instant, but it's definitely not something to put off looking into either.

The first thing you should do if your "check engine" light turns on is to check for any problems that might need to be fixed as soon as possible. Once you've safely parked your car, double check your dashboard lights. Are any other symbols lit up? Depending on which symbols they are - you may have a problem with your oil pressure or overheating.

If no other dashboard lights are on, you may simply need to check your gas cap. A common issue associated with the "check engine" light is a loose gas cap. Just tighten it up and see if the light turns off. It's a quick fix.

After you've completed those troubleshooting steps if the "check engine" light still persists then you may have a larger problem to deal with.

Some common issues linked with the "check engine" light are:

  • Faulty Car Battery or Charging System
  • Defective Spark Plugs or Wires
  • Misfiring Engine
  • Broken Oxygen Sensor
  • Failing Catalytic ConverterĀ 

Since the "check engine" light can signify any number of various problems with your car - it's best not to panic. The chances are that this isn't an emergency situation, but just in case it's best to take your vehicle to a certified technician.

Here, at Woodbridge Toyota, our technicians are trained and qualified to handle all of the ins and outs of our Toyotas of every make and model. So it'll be easy for us to identify what the problem is with a quick visit to our service department.

We're more than happy to clarify why your engine light is on - so give us a call at 905-851-3993 or visit us at Woodbridge Toyota in the Number 7 Auto Mall today.


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