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Order Parts - Toyota Parts and Accessories for Sale in Woodbridge 

When you treat yourself to a new car from Woodbridge Toyota in Woodbridge, Ontario, you're not just getting a vehicle -- you're getting peace of mind. Our comprehensive warranty plans ensure that all the important parts of your car, along with any additional accessories and necessary maintenance, are taken care of. Whether it's the engine, brakes, or any other crucial component, you don't have to worry because we've got you covered.

Our warranty packages are designed to make your life easier. You can find out all the details about what's included in these plans below. And when it's time for a service appointment, you can effortlessly schedule it online or drop by our dealership in person. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to assist you every step of the way. We're committed to ensuring your Toyota not only runs smoothly but also lasts for years to come. Your satisfaction and the durability of your vehicle are our top priorities.

What Is The Toyota Genuine OEM Parts and Accessories Difference?

The difference between purchasing and installing a Toyota Genuine Part or accessory for your car, truck, or SUV from the official Toyota dealer network is they are made by Toyota, for Toyota. While aftermarket parts may appear similar and may cost less, they could end up causing more damage than good.  Toyota Genuine Parts are designed exactly like the original parts in your Toyota and have undergone testing and approval by Toyota. If you want to save money, be sure to out our Parts Specials and Service Specials for current promotions. There is a reason you buy a Toyota, why would you want to sacrifice your Toyota drive with parts or accessories made by another manufacturer.

Toyota Parts & Service Warranty

Coverage Terms

The parts and labour on your Toyota accessories are covered if you've purchased them and had them installed at a certified Toyota dealership like ours. If you purchase your genuine Toyota accessories while buying your Toyota vehicle, your Accessory warranty runs three years or 60,000 km, and if you've purchased them afterward, this coverage will last for either the balance on your factory-backed new vehicle warranty or for 12 months/20,000 km.

What's Not Covered

Maintenance services including clutch lining and brake pad and lining replacement, as well as any work regarding noise, vibration, and cosmetic changes that have been caused by natural wear and tear.

Coverage Terms

If you've been provided with replacement parts free of charge as part of your New Vehicle Basic Warranty, your Replacement Parts coverage is good for either 90 days or the remaining balance on your basic warranty, whichever is greater. If you've purchased or ordered genuine parts online and had them installed at our certified Service Centre, your coverage then runs for either 24 months or 40,000 km, whichever comes first.

What's Not Covered

Any parts that are replaced under extended retail muffler, battery, or shock absorber warranty plans, and any repairs done to rectify any discoloration, deformation, wear, or normal noise. Additionally, replacement of any non-headlamp bulbs, filters, fuses, and wiper blades and inserts after six months is also not covered.

Coverage Terms

The parts and labour for all Toyota replacement batteries installed at a certified Toyota dealership are fully covered over 24 months, with the coverage terms on a premium battery replacement changing incrementally over every 12 months that follow.

What's Not Covered

Any batteries that have been dropped, frozen, contaminated, cracked, or opened, as well as any failures caused by the use of the wrong electrolyte. That also goes for recharging any discharged batteries, and any batteries that have been damaged by overcharging or whose warranty plaque has been tampered with or destroyed.

For more on Toyota's Accessory, Replacement Parts, and Battery warranties, contact us at Woodbridge Toyota.

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