Do you have a question, you would love to have answered? Here, we have compiled a list of several popular FAQs we have received from our service customers. If you have a question that is not listed, please fill out the inquiry below and leave your question in the comments.

Do I Really Need Winter Tires? 
As Canadians, we know the drill. The air starts to feel colder and then there's that one-day where the flurries start to fall and we're all reminded... 

Why is My Car Engine Light On? 
In the world of dashboard symbols, the check engine light is one of the more pesky little lights that can pop up at any time and it could mean...

How Do I Change My Car Battery? 
Before changing your battery, - you'll obviously need to know whether your battery needs replacing or not. A dead battery is usually indicated by...

How Can I Increase My Fuel Efficiency? 
With gas prices remaining as unpredictable as ever, we're all trying to fill up when it's at it's the lowest price. It's unavoidable; we all have...

How Do I Pair My Phone with Bluetooth? 
So, you just bought a Toyota vehicle and you're super excited to get it out on the road and test out all of the amenities our vehicles have to offer...

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