Toyota Brake Fluid Flush Service in Woodbridge, Ontario

Toyota Brake Fluid Flush Service - Woodbridge Toyota

Toyota Brake Fluid Flush Service at Woodbridge Toyota

If you are like most drivers, you do not think about your vehicle's brakes until they start making a sound or stop working. Routine vehicle maintenance should include brake service. That means replacing the brake pads and rotors as needed and flushing your brake system.

Why Is Brake Fluid Flush Service Important for Your Toyota?

Your vehicle's braking system is just as vulnerable to wear and tear as other parts of your car. Parts, like the callipers, wheel cylinders, and the rubber in the valves, will deteriorate. Little bits that flake off your braking components end up in your brake fluid and compromise your stopping power effectiveness. So while it may not seem important to flush your brakes fluid, it is a crucial part of your vehicle maintenance.

Your brake fluids should be flushed every 50,000 km or so. It is essential to know that brake flushing and bleeding your brakes are two different services. Brake flushing entails removing all the brake fluid from your car's braking system and introducing new, clean fluid.

If you notice your Toyota car, truck, or SUV has decreased stopping power, Schedule a Service Appointment at Woodbridge Toyota and have it inspected by a factory-trained certified technician immediately.

What Brake Fluid Does Toyota Use?

Toyota manufacturers a genuine Toyota Brake Fluid. This polyalkylene glycol-based brake fluid is designed to hydraulically transmit braking force from the brake pedal to the brake callipers and pads. It is specifically formulated to meet strict vehicle safety standards, is compatible with Toyota brake system components, exhibits superior boiling point performance, and assures Toyota brake systems' optimum performance. You can find Toyota Brake Fluid and other Genuine Toyota Parts at our Woodbridge Parts Centre.

How Do You Flush Old Brake Fluid?

The process of flushing your old brake fluid is exceptionally intricate. If you are not mechanically inclined, we suggest you leave this process to an experienced professional. Your new Toyota and used car brakes are a vital safety component and, if tampered with, can place you, your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians in harm's way.

To have your brake fluid flushed, visit our Toyota Service Centre in Woodbridge, Ontario and speak with a service advisor.

Why Is It Better To Trust Woodbridge Toyota with Your Maintenance and Service Needs?

It is possible to change to own brake fluid, but our certified technicians can do it quickly and more thoroughly in our Service Centre using a brake flush machine. It is important to note that outside air can rapidly contaminate brake fluid, causing water vapour to combine with the brake fluid. This contamination can damage your entire brake system. 

Our factory-trained certified Toyota technicians are trained to Service your Toyota for ultimate performance and safety. Brakes are undeniably an essential component of your car, next to the engine itself. Why would you trust anyone other than a Toyota professional with the care of your vehicle? Contact Us for more information or to schedule your Toyota service today.


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