Value Your Trade-In Without Visiting Our Woodbridge Toyota Dealership

Our free trade-in appraisal tool helps you identify a fair price for your vehicle, resulting from a Kelley Blue Book algorithm industrialized by statistics, data collection, and pricing analysts. This algorithm factors in many considerations, including but not limited to the vehicle make, model, age, mileage, current market pricing, modifications, and geographic location. Getting a trade-in estimate for your car is entirely reliant on the data you provide. Therefore, it is crucial to be as accurate and descriptive as possible when using our online trade-in evaluation.

You are welcome to browse our inventory of new and used vehicles for sale in Woodbridge, ON, before or after you assess the value of your trade-in. You can choose to start your purchase online and structure the deal of your new Toyota to determine your monthly payments adding your trade-in to the equation at a later time, or you can decide which used car, truck, or SUV is most affordable after you receive your trade-in quote. If you have questions about any of our vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finding The Trade-In Value Of My Car In Vaughan, Ontario

Many buyers choose to trade-in their current vehicle when buying another one because it is easy. All you had to do was drive to a dealership, have your car inspected by an appraiser, sign a few papers and select your next vehicle. Your trade-in can then be applied as a credit towards your new purchase and ultimately reduce the amount you need to finance. Now, this process is simplified even further, putting you in the driver's seat of your entire trade-in and buying process.

You still have the option of coming into our Woodbridge Toyota dealership to determine the trade-in vehicle of your vehicle, but now you also have the option of assessing the value of your car securely online. Getting a trade-in estimate for your vehicle has never been easier.

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Frequently Asked Trade-In Questions

What is Trade Value?

The definition of trade value in the automotive industry is the price a dealer will offer a consumer for their vehicle. This value is typically applied towards the purchase of another car in the dealer's inventory, and the amount assessed is more closely in line with car auction values.

Can you negotiate trade-in value?

The short answer is YES. The value of a trade-in assessment is calculated using a third-party algorithm. If you feel your car is worth more, and the evaluation online is less than you expected, you can contact us and negotiate the appraisal.

What is the difference between trade-in value and retail value?

Retail value is the price that a dealership wants for a car. The retail price a vehicle is higher than a trade-in vehicle because it includes reconditioning for certification. A trade-in value is given to our customers based on as-is conditions, and we assume the risk that the trade-in vehicle may not be safe for resale.

Why is trade-in value so low?

The dealer accepting your trade-in is essentially acting as a middle man for the sale of your vehicle. A direct or private sale of your car may result in more money in your pocket but will cost you significantly in other ways.

Is market value the same as trade-in value?

Market value represents the current price you can get for your car, whereas trade-in value is the price a dealership is willing to give you in exchange for buying another vehicle.


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