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Why 60% of our customers Lease

Accident Protection: 

In a finance or cash scenario, if the vehicle is involved in an accident and the vehicle is repaired, the vehicle will depreciate from its non-accident value to a lesser value based on the severity of the accident. 

In a lease the client is protected from the depreciation caused by an accident, providing they have the vehicle repaired. At the end of the lease, they can drop it off and walk away or lease, finance, or pay cash for another Toyota with no obligation to the depreciation caused by the accident. 

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 theft write off protection

Theft & write off protection: 

Toyota leases have built in gap protection. If the leased vehicle is stolen or written off and there is a short fall between what the insurance company is willing to pay and the balance owed to Toyota Financial, the short fall will be absorbed by Toyota Financial. 

Why pay all the taxes up front? 

When paying cash or financing a vehicle you must pay all the HST taxes up front, (example $30,000 vehicle x 13% hst = $33,900). In the example the finance client starts their payments from $33,900, the lease customers would start their payments from $30,000 because the hst is paid on each payment. The lease customer is in a better equitable position right from the start. 

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 mulitiple  security  deposit

Lower interest rates available with multiple security deposits: 

Toyota Financial offers a way for the lease client to lower their interest rate by up to 1.5%. The lease client can make up to 10 security deposits at the beginning of their lease, thus lowering their interest rate by .15 per security deposit. Lease clients that use the maximum amount of security deposits often reduce their monthly payment by $50 or more saving $2400 on a 48-month lease. The client also has the upfront deposits returned back at the end of the lease. 

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